Dynamic rich media component for ASP.Net Flash, Video, Audio, FlashVideo and ToolTip / Balloon Help controls for C# and VB.Net

The ASP.Net Media Suite

ASPNetMedia is the original software for embedding creative media into ASP.NET Websites.

ASPNetMedia extends ASP.NET in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 and above by allowing the developer to efficiently add Video (WindowsMedia, QuickTime & Real), Flash (SWF), Flash-Video (FLV) and sound (MP3) to websites, and control appearance and behavior in minute detail.

Proceed to Download the ASP.Net Media Suite Proceed to Download the ASP.Net Media Suite

ASPNetFlash - ASP.NET Flash Control for ASP.NET

Efficiently detect and embed Abode Flash media in ASP.NET Web Pages.

ASPNetFlash is also unique in providing interoperability between Flash and ASP.NET - including DataBindings which send data into Flash; and ActionScript calling ASP.NET functions.

Comprehensive APIs permit complete integration of JavaScript, Flash ActionScript and ASP.NET code.

ASPNetVideo - ASP.NET Flash Controls for Windows Media, QuickTime and Real Player

Embed, skin and detect the core internet video formats using the ASP.NET Video component.

The ASP.Net Video Component delivers streaming video and web-casts through ASP.NET websites and intranets.

ASPNetVideo can be used with ASPNetMediaGUI to produce uniquely skinned video players with custom, data-bound PlayLists.  Comprehensive APIs also permit complete integration of JavaScript ASP.NET code.

ASPNetFlashVideo - ASP.NET Flash Video Control for Streaming FLV Media

Embed fully skinable “YouTube” style Flash Video using ASP.NET.

The ASP.Net Flash Video (FLV) Component allows you to deliver web-ready video to almost every internet ready device and audience.  Uniquely - Flash development is not required.

ASPNetFlashVideo contains unique resources to help you encode videos intelligently, and skin the player using open standard technologies.

ASPNetAudio - ASP.NET Audio Control for Web-Ready Audio

Embed and control MP3 music and sound effects in ASP.NET either ‘behind the scenes’, or using a ASP.NET skinable custom audio player.

The unique ASP.Net Audio Component allows you to deliver web ready audio to almost any internet device and browser.  Background music, sound effects and radio stations are all made possible.

ASPNetAudio can be used with ASPNetMediaGUI to produce uniquely skinned audio players with custom, data-bound PlayLists. Comprehensive APIs also permit complete integration of JavaScript with ASP.NET code.

ASPNetMedia GUI Controls – Graphical User Interface Tools

The ASPNetMediaGUI Toolkit allows you to skin and control other ASPNetMedia components for Video, Audio, Flash-Video and Flash.

ASPNetMedia GUI includes a full set of unique skinable Buttons, LinkButtons, ImageButtons, & Labels for building custom media players.

Unique DataBound PlayList controls are provided - which can run at Server or Client.

ASPNetToolTip - ASP.NET ToolTip / Balloon Help Control for ASP.NET

ASPNetToolTip – The Rich Tool-Tip Component for ASP.NET

The ASP.NET ToolTip component allows you to add advanced tooltips to any part of your ASP.NET website. With ASPNetToolTip you can create rich context-help with HTML, Images, Flash and even Videos as the content. All aspects of the popup and fade out animations are programmatically controllable.


Why Choose ASPNetMedia?


All of the products in the suite are XHTML compliant, 100% Microsoft AJAX-ready, Google-Friendly and broadly browser and system compatible.  Additionally, each product removes the annoying “Click to Activate This Control” or “Eolas” message that commonly appears on embedded media in Internet Explorer and Opera browsers.  This combination of important standard-compliance features is unique to ASPNetMedia products.


Each of the ASPNetMedia products is enhanced with JavaScript APIs, Easy to use User-Interfaces, are Skinnable and carry a lifetime of free support.

It's Here

The ASP.NET media components can be downloaded and used on their own – or as a suite.

Proceed to Download the ASP.Net Media Suite Proceed to Download the ASP.Net Media Suite